How to select company`s spokesperson carefully ?

Regardless of the size of your industry or company, having the right spokesperson is very important for the company’s successful marketing and public relations. The person you choose as your spokesperson generally becomes the face of your company. This is the person the general public sees or hears as well as the person the media talks to any time they want to know something that is related to your company or industry. Therefore, when choosing a spokesperson for your company you should go for someone whom you can confidently trust with your company’s future and image.

Selecting your company spokesperson can be a difficult task but here are a few tips on how to carefully select the right company spokesperson.

1.Select a person who has previous experience in media relations.

Here, you need a person who has prior experience in dealing with the media. The company spokesperson chosen needs to be aware of the right medium or channels of communication to use in different scenarios. He or she should know the effective ways to use when communicating your company’s message which include social media blasts, public announcements, and news conferencing among others.

2.Choose a person with the ability to handle negativity and stay calm under pressure.

When dealing with the public, one faces a lot of negative comments and feed backs. Therefore as a company you should go for an individual who is able to act calm and control stress while acting as a representative for your company. Being able to handle negative comments and questions while still upholding the company’s positive image is an important aspect of an effective spokesperson.

3.Choose a high authority individual within your company.

Go for someone who has a high rank in the corporate ladder. Someone who speaks to the general audience with authority and one whose opinions they can trust. A high ranked executive in the company is able to give the best answers to the audience.

4.Choose an individual with the right communication skills.

A good company’s spokesperson should demonstrate transparency and sincerity when talking to the media or public. He or she should be able to handle conflicts. An effective spokesperson should connect well with the stake holders and should be ready to offer an apology or empathy whenever one is needed.

Having an effective company spokesperson can be used to boost the performance and growth of your company while still attracting donors and other stakeholders. Choose the right spokesperson to help secure your company’s image and future.