Sarasota: Fisherman’s Paradise

Although there are numerous fishing grounds in the U.S.A., not many can compare to Sarasota, Florida. It may not be as popular as Martha’s Vineyard or Bighorn river, but anybody who has experienced Sarasota will vouch for it straight away. Some of the endearing qualities of Sarasota include:

Tranquil Fishing Environment:
Although Sarasota has made a name for itself in fishing circles, the fishing grounds are yet to be flooded with people. This enables all fishing expeditions to have their own space to be comfortable and enjoy the scenery without constantly invading another party’s space.
Plethora of Fishing Charters:
No reputable fishing ground is complete without the presence of charter companies around. In Sarasota, companies such as Lucky Dawg and Fish Sarasota Florida charters offer a variety of boats, all well equipped to handle the Sarasota waters. On top of that, particular charter companies offer inshore fishing to enable a good view of the area while catching fish. Bad Habit, one of the Sarasota fishing charters, even goes as far as offering to cook your catch for you so you can enjoy a delicious fish meal.

Variety of Fishing Challenges:
As stated earlier, Sarasota offers inshore and outshore fishing with charters available for both. On top of that, between spring and summer, tarpon fishing is offered at Sarasota. This is a gruelling challenge for any fisherman due to the resiliant nature of the game fish; therefore it should attract a more experienced crowd.
Endless Variety of Fish:
Sarasota is blessed with numerous varieties of fish. These include, but are not limited to: speckled trout, flounder, mackerel, tuna, pompano, sharks, amberjack and mahi mahi. This wide selection entices many fishermen due to the different cahllenges posed by various species of fish.
All in all, Sarasota can be likened to the proverbial paradise lost that is yet to be properly discovered. Make a plan to visit it before it is too late. Happy Fishing!