What Is Indoor Growing

Led grow lights canada
Indoor growing in not just growing plants like in open fields, it is a new experience, grow in the totally controlled environment. Indoor growing is fun to many people, they enjoy growing indoors. There are many benefits of this technique of growing. But there are also some risks involved in this new growing technology. We cannot grow every plant indoors, there are some plants (vegetables, flowers, and herbs) which grow healthy in a controlled environment while others are hard to grow indoors.


The main benefits of indoor growing are you can have seasonal vegetables or other seasonal food available for a whole year. Winter season does not affect your harvest season. In summers you can grow vegetables that are only available in winters. This can be only possible when we combine different technologies together. We also grow many plants in 12 months in Canada. Here we have long winter season than summer so growing indoor is a need in our country. For better growth we use full spectrum LED Grow Lights CANADA.

These LED grow lights come in different power ranges choose according to your plant type. Some of these are expensive while others are available at affordable cost. Red, Blue, Green wavelength of light are required for plant growth. We all know plants need light to live. They use light energy to do photosynthesis which converts light into their food. But we do not have much sunshine in our homes so we use led lights of the same spectrum as that of the sun. When these lights touch the plant, the plant takes it as the sunlight because their artificial lights use the similar light spectrum to the sun.

Plants quickly absorb the emitted light and convert it into their food. Not 100% light gets absorbed by plant there is a wastage of 5 to 10 % of light. To overcome this problem many people use grow cabinets which prevent light from escaping and reflect back on the plant which increases absorption.


Always choose light according to your growing area. Measure your growing area first, this will give you an idea how many lights you need to cover the growing space. Then choose the brand read the reviews before buying anyone. Look for the accessories you need for indoor growing. Some lights come with all accessories like a growing kit and some do not. Our advice is to choose single light for 1 to 2 plants and go for complete grow kit if you plan to grow more plants for a whole year.

Grow kits are expensive because they have everything that you are going to use for growing. Humidity temperature, LED light, fan, grow tent etc are the part of complete grow kit. If you buy it you do not have to buy a single tool separately.

Flowers are easy to grow as they do not require much attention but on the other hand vegetables demand time and attention. As we already mention growing in a controlled environment is not an easy process. If you do not have experience in indoor growing you may need to learn few things first. We advise you to talk to an experienced person before deciding growing indoor.

We hope you like this article on growing indoors and this will help you to get starting knowledge of indoor farming.